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Inside The Extras Dept.

Clarification on Residency Rules

09 October 2017

Hi everyone, 

We feel the need to explain further our residency rule.  To sign up as a member with The Extras Dept. you MUST be a resident of either Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.  This is a strict rule that we do not and can not bend for anyone regardless of the circumstances.

Of late we are answering hundreds of enquiries from around the world daily, please be assured that our response will alway be this and the same. 

The reasons are multiple, but the easiest one to explain is that we simply cannot rely on people flying in, taking boats etc to attend a filming day.  It is a standard in our industry that schedules change, often at the last minute, where filming is rescheduled or cancelled. 

We have also been contacted by people who intend on moving to NI or ROI to avoid this rule, this is something we obviously dissuade.  We can offer NO guarantees to anyone signing up with us.

We know we are extremely lucky to work on productions that are admired world wide and being an extra on one of these productions is a coveted experience, but we ask that you respect our rules and regulations.

Many Thanks.
The Extras Dept. Team.