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Inside The Extras Dept.

How do I get my profile approved?

29 November 2022

So you created a profile with The Extras Dept, but what do you need to do to become a fully approved member? 

While there is lots of helpful information in our FAQ, we thought it would be beneficial to break it down for you in this neat little article! We are also here to help you can email on [email protected], ask us any questions or you can request a call from one of our team.

Firstly getting LOGGED IN!

If you recently received an email from us prompting you to update your profile, the email address that you received this email to, is the one you have registered on your profile.  You can use that to login.  Forgot your password?  There is an option to reset your password, this will send an email to your registered email address, they have a habit of slipping into junk/spam folders so do remember to check in there. 

There are 3 basic things.  A good photo, proof of identification & agreement to the T&C & privacy policy. 

Your Photo 

PLEASE take a photo specifically for the purpose of your profile. While we know it can be tempting to use that photo you took before a night out or an event when you are looking your best, we want to see your normal every day look.  Also PLEASE get someone to take it for you, we don’t want selfies as your profile picture.  Stand against a plain neutral background (like a white wall), with your arms down by your side and looking directly into the camera. If you’ve got long hair, do make sure to wear it down. If you change your look, you can always update your profile picture. 

Click HERE for more detailed info on getting the right photo.

Proof of Identification 

The Extras Dept. is essentially an employment agency and we have to unsure you are who you say you are and that you have the right to work. We need either a photo of your passport (in full), or your birth certificate AND driver's license. If you only upload your passport, that’s perfect. But if you wish to upload your birth certificate and driver's license then we require BOTH.  Make sure the name on your profile matches that on your ID document. 

Terms & Conditions & Privacy Policy 

No one enjoys reading terms and conditions, or privacy policies - but I assure you these are as painless as they possibly can be. Sit down with a cup of tea and read them. It only takes the once and you’ll feel better for doing so. 

Now to make your profile perfect. 

Measurements & Appearance

Find that tape measure that has been hiding at the bottom of a drawer to take some very important costume measurements. Accurate costume sizes are an integral part of your profile. Lots of productions we work on provide costumes for certain roles and your measurements should be an exact reflection of your body. Regularly updating your costume sizes is just as important as updating your profile picture. 

Not sure how to measure yourself?  Below are a couple of Youtube links with a guide:

For women & for men.

Your National Insurance or PPS number

Please ensure this is correct on your profile, again it proves your right to work in the UK & Ireland. 

Contact Details

If you created your profile a while ago, give these a double check.  Our first contact with you to check if you are available for a job will be by SMS. If this doesn't go through, then it will be sent by email.  If you are under 17, we must have your parents email address & mobile number. 


Tell us as much as you can! We search for weird & wonderful hobbies, interests, and skills all the time.

Not everyone knows how to make coffee like the barista in the cafe scene, or shuck oysters like the market fishmonger. Are you an avid jogger, a cyclist, a window washer, a baker, or a candlestick maker? Let us know. Skills that may not seem overly exciting on paper are, to us, paramount.

What happens next? 

You’ve finished your profile and now it's down to us to review it. 

We assess each and every profile that gets created on our website. If you’ve followed this step by step guide then you’ll have nothing left to do but wait it out. Sometimes it takes us a little while to inspect each newly created or updated  profile in full, but if it’s been created accurately - you should find your profile to be published in no less than a few days. 

Need more help? 

Drop us an email with any questions you may have or let us know if you would like one of our team to call you back to chat through anything. Email us on: [email protected]


Your profile has been approved and you are now an extra on our books!  

Congratulations. Victory is yours.