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Inside The Extras Dept.

Merry Christmas!!!

19 December 2018

Christmas is almost upon us and soon 2018 will be drawing to a close.


We say it every year, and every year we mean it, but this year it’s 100% true. THIS HAS BEEN OUR BIGGEST AND BEST YEAR EVER!!!


It feels weird to be sitting at Christmas time and not in the middle of a season’s filming on Game of Thrones! We’ve worked on the show since the pilot and it’s very strange not having it and our amazing GOT team around at this time of year. BUT, we only have a few more months left to wait to see all the literal blood, literal sweat, and then cry some literal tears of pride.  #forthethrone


We’ve exceeded all records this year in terms of the number of productions, amount of coordinators, and the number of extras’ days on set.  It’s hard to pick a highlight of the year, but we’ve come up with a few.


In 2017 we rolled out a revolutionary paperless payment system and waved goodbye to chits. We faced the resistance to change from some but have forged our way through and estimate that in 2018 we’ve saved over 100,000 sheets of paper from needlessly being printed!


In May 2018, with the support from the best screen agency in the world, NI Screen we started our new trainee JR.  He’s been a delight to train and has taken the job by the horns. His favorite thing is problem solving and chatting to the extras. JR joining has also been Eoin’s highlight of the year. Best buds.


We’ve cast the background for some seriously hard hitting dramas this year. Along with that we’ve had period dramas, true stories, bio pics, independent features, kids series, and game shows. Also it was great to welcome back our old favorites Derry Girls, Line of Duty, and Krypton.


Watch out for Torvill and Dean on ITV at 9pm on Christmas Day!!


Finally, a big thanks to all our extras.  We wish we could thank you all individually but there are far too many of you! You made us look good every single day. We’re really looking forward to chatting to you in the New Year.


Merry Christmas!!


The Extras Dept. Team.