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Inside The Extras Dept.

Merry Christmas to all our Extras! Holiday arrangements 2021

16 December 2021

Ah 2021, the sequel to 2020 that no one asked for, but we all got. Expectations were high for this year, and while we didn’t get everything we hoped for *gestures broadly at everything*, we are not going to lament on it but instead celebrate an amazing year for the Northern Ireland film and television industry, and our incredible extras who worked harder than ever to support it.   

It’s not an easy job, and as all of our extras know, a lot tougher than it looks! But between early mornings, late nights, long days, cold conditions, wet conditions, catering changes (we know you all miss those lovely buffet meals), attending two, sometimes three (!?!?!) Covid tests in advance of filming, and mask wearing marathons, our extras turned up and came back for more. 

We worked across many, many productions this year, along with a number of print adverts, commercials, and other small jobs. No mean feat for our little team of 4! While all of our productions hold a special place for one reason or another, we had 3 favourites that really stood out and gave us our most extras filming days.  

School for Good and Evil was truly a beast, and our largest production of the year clocking in at 4026 days on set. The Good = our wonderful Evers and Nevers, the director Paul Feig, an A-list cast, incredible costumes, the cupcake-filled Ever feast. The Evil = 5am starts, literally endless haircuts, fittings, and Covid tests, the gruel-filled Never feast. 

After breaking hearts with Normal People in 2020, Lenny Abrahamson and Sally Rooney came back to bring another novel to life; Conversations with Friends filmed all over Northern Ireland and Dublin this spring and summer. From baristas and poets to clubbers and sea swimmers, a whopping 1300 of our lovely extras will be gracing our screens in 2022!

Working on Dungeons & Dragons was challenging and rewarding, and a dream come true for our resident D&D lover JR! Over 700 of our dynamic and enthusiastic extras helped bring this production to life alongside an incredible cast. From royalty to peasantry, we could not be prouder of the work our guys put in. Evil wizards and noble warriors. Ancient battles and secret enclaves. It was humbling for us to be a part of something so timeless and magical.

Well that’s a wrap on the year folks! We don’t say it enough and we never could, but WE LOVE YOU GUYS! WE APPRECIATE YOU SO MUCH! Sorry for shouting, but we want to make sure you all know how much you mean to each of us, our business, and the industry here in Northern Ireland. There are lots of exciting things in store for 2022 and we can’t wait to show you.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!