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Inside The Extras Dept.

Our Top Ten's top tips: Your first day as an extra!

02 March 2018

While your first day as an extra is very exciting, it can also be nerve wracking not knowing what to expect! If it’s your first time going out as an extra, we’ve compiled some great tips from our Top Ten to ease your first day jitters.

For our experienced extras, it’s always a nice reminder that while this may be old hat to you, it could be completely new territory to someone else. Try to be kind and helpful to someone whose first day it is, you’ve all been there before!

Here are our Top Ten’s top tips for your first day as an extra:

· ✔️ Read your call time email carefully and follow all instructions

"I would advise a first time extra firstly to be punctual and show up to the location on time. Read your call time info closely in the briefing email that you will receive prior to your day of filming. Make sure you follow the preparations listed in the email, such as costume requirements or hair and makeup specifications." - Sasha

· ✔️ Be prepared to hurry up and wait

"While you can be busy on a job, there is normally some waiting involved with extras work. Bring a book, schoolwork, playing cards, snacks, anything you can have handy (you can bring your phone with you but you’re not able to bring it onto the filming set, so don’t be solely reliant on it to pass the time)." – Molly

· ✔️ Ensure you dress for the weather

"LAYERS (especially if you’re outside) it’s important to keep yourself warm and dry (where possible lol)" - Megan

"Bring clothes for any weather- waterproofs, thermals, light layers as the Northern Irish climate is very unpredictable. Even if a costume is provided it doesn’t guarantee its always the most suitable for the weather, likewise if the location is inside it won’t always be warm/dry, so it’s best to be prepared, you don’t want to be too warm, cold or wet." – Molly

· ✔️ Listen, be professional, and take it seriously, especially when the cameras are rolling

"Best thing you can do is pay close attention to what your AD’s tell you for your moment on camera, and always ask if you are unsure because everybody is there to help." – Louis

"You might not be the star, but it's still acting. When you're on set, imagine you're the person whose costume you're in and you'll nail it." - Jamie

· ✔️ … but also, relax, enjoy yourself, and have a good time!

"Always stay positive. Be confident in yourself. Its ok to be nervous, everyone once done their first extras job and were in your position. It will get easier the more you do it. If you ever get stuck or confused it's ok to ask questions."- Mosa

"Finding a few friends to enjoy your day with is always helpful. It's also very important to listen to direction your giving that way you know what your doing and it makes that day so much better." – Frederika

"Have fun! Talk to fellow extras, make friends and connections and stick by the experienced extras, as they will always keep you right on set." - Sasha

For any of our other experienced extras out there, feel free to share your first day tips in the comments below.

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm today!❄️🌬️