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Inside The Extras Dept.

The Big Day: The Lodge

10 February 2017
Extras on set at The Lodge

Last year we had the opportunity to work on the exciting Disney program The Lodge. Touted as the new High School Musical, it aired with great reviews and now a huge fan following. After nine weeks of filming, it culminated in a massive concert scene in its tenth and final week.

With over 100 of our most enthusiastic, energetic extras the scene was an absolute success and a great way to cap off a fantastic show

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Lost City Of Z: Trailer

09 February 2017
lost city of z

In 2015 we felt like the luckiest ducks for getting to work on the American film The Lost City of Z. 

It was an exciting production and the scenes we needed to cast extras for varied so greatly we were always kept on our toes. From our distinguished looking Royal Geographical Society, to our WWI soldiers, to our Bolivian train passengers, all of our extras were wonderfully dedicated to the project.

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